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The medical services of Toronto United Fc will provide care of athletes for manage and prevent health-related issues. The aim is to also guide the athletes to various departments or facilities for extended, specific assessments and care. One of the general goals of the Toronto United Academy is to turn futsal games into a tool for implementing positive values among the young generation and students to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. We also like to engage parents and educate them towards this change. In order to provide a safe educational environment, we gathered experienced and knowledgeable medical and coaching staff to our club facility.

What is concussion ?

concussion is a traumatic brain injury that has both long and short term effects. Any contact to the head, face, neck or even body can cause the brain to move inside of the skull and it may lead to a concussion. Concussion effects are sometimes temporary, however, they can develop problems related to memory, concentration, balance, coordination, confusion, headache, fatigue and many other serious issues. The person, who is suspected of a concussion, should stop participating in games or training immediately. Concussion in sports is very common and it is important to be assessed by a health practitioner, physician or a nurse practitioner.

For more information and Learn how to prevent, identify and manage concussions, see the link : Concussion safety